PET structural foam

AIREX T90.100 / Büfa-Firestop acc. to railway fire standard EN 45545

In order to fulfill the EN 45545 standard “fire protection on railway vehicles”, several standards have

to be fulfilled, depending on the application/category (e.g. category R1). One of the most

challenging standard to be fulfilled is the EN 5659-2 (50 kWm-2) smoke test. Therefore, Airex has

carried out an orientational test for a sandwich consisting of the following materials:

Product Name  Function  Thickness

AIREX T90.100  Core Material  18 mm

Büfa-Firestop S 520-NV  Resin  -

Büfa-Firestop GC S 270  Gel Coat  2 mm

Biaxial -45° / + 45°

Glass weave Type BXE 800

Glass Fiber Reinforced

Polymer Skin

2 mm each skin,

4 mm in total

Total  24 mm

The smoke test according to EN 5659-2 (50 kWm-2) has been carried out at Lantal Textiles,

Langenthal, Switzerland. The result was the following:

  Specific smoke density: Ds(4) = 109

  Intregal of Ds: VOF4 = 137.

For the category R1, the tested sandwich has a reached the maximum hazard level HL3.


Railway: Floor, side wall, engine, internal structure, roof, hood

Ship:Deck, internal structure, superstructure

Industrial:Cover plate, container, X-ray station, sports equipment

Building:Ceiling, covering, dome, moving house